Hurberlieu’s Summer House

Map of a mansion at the foot of a cliff with a secret entrance to a labyrinthine dungeon.

Hurberlieu Corvolentis comes from a family of very old money which made its fortune trading in spices and exotic goods from across the sea. The eleventh son of a minor branch of cousins, Hurberlieu has been able to enjoy all the fruits of his family’s hard work over the years without much of the responsibility or burden. As such, he’s taken to spending his share of the family money on collecting.

In the tradition of typical dilettantes, Hurberlieu collects and nurtures art. Art from overseas, art from far off cities and remote villages, folk art from the peasants that work the fields… It all fills the halls of his various homes, nurturing a secondary collection of dust and disinterest in turn. His true passion is collecting the things that are better left behind closed doors, not to be discussed in polite society.

Artifacts of dark magic. Strange creatures from forgotten lands. Aberrations of nature that normally would not, should not, be known to the general public lest they start a panic. Sometimes persons that Hurberlieu fancies get…collected…and find their way into one of his vaults for no other reason than he wanted to keep them for his own amusement.

Although each vault is unique, the one secreted within the cliffside behind his summer house is typical. It’s a somewhat haphazard assemblage of cubicles, cells, and niches within which Hurberlieu can arrange and keep safe his secret delights. Magical wards keep dangerous items and creatures from wreaking havoc, and he’s always working to expand the complex to fit even more into his collection.

Originally conceived and drawn during Inktober 2016, for the prompt “collect”. I used a single pen and didn’t start with a pencil rough. As such, it’s not as refined as I like, but for something quick I’m pretty happy with the result.

What sort of things and creatures might Hurberlieu collect in your own fantasy world? Drop me a line or hit me up on Twitter to give me your list. Follow me on Instagram for more like this, and occasional previews of upcoming work. A high-res (3600px x 2700px) version of this map is available to my patrons.

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