Introducing the MT-10

Collage of a notebook cover and two gridded pages

Introducing the MT-10, Volume 1

One of my goals with Maps & Tales is to challenge myself to create something new daily. Not necessarily something final and polished, but something every day. Usually this will take the form of regular content for the site, like the initial sketches of a map, some flash fiction, or an outline for a longer post or story. But in the event that I can’t make the time to really dig into something, I wanted to create a mechanism to keep the creative juices flowing. I find I can be a lot more consistent if I can build a framework to drive my creativity. What I came up with is what I’m calling the Maps & Tales 10, or MT-10.

The inspiration for MT-10 comes from the concept of writing sprints. At least once a day, I’m going to focus on creating just one thing, one discrete nugget of content. Maybe it’s a map that I scrawl stream-of-consciousness style, or a list of NPCs characters might encounter at a particular location. Could just be vague ideas for a story or adventure. Sometimes I might use these ideas somewhere down the line as inspiration for a finished piece, but regardless it’s a way to keep my mind moving. Mostly I’ll be posting these on Instagram (and mirrored to Twitter), so if you want to follow along with my (mostly) daily experiments, that’s where to find it.

(Special shout-out to Field Notes for some outstanding notebooks.)


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