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Map of a massive fortress in a volcanic plain, with a river of lava in front of it.
Nov 5, 2018

The Obsidian Fortress

The heat of the Ashen Plains will drain the life out of you, if the salamanders and formians don’t get to you first. You may find some shelter, but nine out of ten times it will just be a mirage, false hope conjured out of the furnace of the volcanic wasteland. One out of ten times, however, it could be your salvation…or your certain doom.

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Map of a circular moot hut for tribal council
Mar 15, 2018

Shattergut Fortress Brewery

All dwarven clans make beer. It’s just a fact. But not all clans make good beer. Of those clans that make good beer, even fewer make beer worthy of going to war over its recipe. Even so, the small, insular Shattergut clan thinks they’re one of them.

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Gridded map of a desert redoubt, with an elevation illustration of same
Jan 18, 2018

Desert Redoubt

He didn’t build it, but Old Wyrmsbane himself once found this small fortress ideal for keeping an eye on the empire’s borders with his outriders. Now it appears to be unoccupied, but looks can be deceiving…

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