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Map of a derelict space station drifting in the cosmos.
Mar 25, 2019


%[FSV1102.uidA001]» commlink open -local=FSV1102.’Chump Change’ -uplink=su7653.deepnet.ufc -recv=systemcontrol

. . . .[su7653.deepnet.ufc]% . . . .


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Map of a sea cave connected through a tunnel to Oldport Keep.
Mar 18, 2019

Smuggler's Cave at Oldport Keep

Countless sea caves perforate the length of the Shattered Coast. Some are underneath Hookspire and Oldport Keep itself, and have been used for generations as meeting places and hideouts for smugglers, thieves, pirates, and others that wish to remain hidden from view.

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Map of a four-level tower with a cellar and a tunnel to hidden sea caves.
Mar 4, 2019

Oldport Keep

The history of Oldport Keep is long, and predates the founding of Hookspire itself by hundreds (some say thousands) of years. The current tower isn’t the first structure to occupy that site, and it continues to hold secrets unknown to the general public.

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Map of a crumbling tower sinking into a swamp, with a sinkhole in its center leading to the depths below.
Jan 28, 2019

The Sinking Tower of Ssissk'ss's Sump

The low moor near the center of the Cerulean Wood never seemed to be a danger to the nearby villages. Called merely “the Sump” by locals, it was home to a small tribe of bullywugs that were mostly harmless. Lately, however, a lizardfolk chieftan named Ssissk’ss has taken control and started making the rangers and druids of the area nervous.

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Map of a massive fortress in a volcanic plain, with a river of lava in front of it.
Nov 5, 2018

The Obsidian Fortress

The heat of the Ashen Plains will drain the life out of you, if the salamanders and formians don’t get to you first. You may find some shelter, but nine out of ten times it will just be a mirage, false hope conjured out of the furnace of the volcanic wasteland. One out of ten times, however, it could be your salvation…or your certain doom.

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Map of a subterranean temple structure
Oct 22, 2018

Hidden Temple to the Unknown God

Who worships the Unknown God? What celestial portfolio does the Unknown God hold as its realm of influence? The high priests who declare themselves to be prophets claim to have all the answers one seeks, but most of them are in the dark, themselves. Only a select few know the truth.

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Map of a bandit hideout hidden in a box canyon
Oct 15, 2018

Clicker's Canyon

You should na’ be in th’ Badlands t’ begin wit’, me boy. But if’n ye find y’self there an’ needin’ some shelter—an’ yer real, reall des’prit—the Clicker’s Canyon may be yer only port in th’ storm.

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Map of a mountain fortress built into a sheer cliff face
Oct 1, 2018

War Throne of Clan Bitterbones

Clan Bitterbones comes from deep underground, their ancestral halls well hidden and separated from the surface world. Most of them have lived in the surface world for generations, and know only legends of their homeland. But when the need arises, they converge on their war throne for council and conquest.

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Map of a mansion at the foot of a cliff with a secret entrance to a labyrinthine dungeon.
Sep 24, 2018

Hurberlieu's Summer House

Dilettante Hurberlieu Corvolentis likes to collect things. Much of his collection lies in plain view scattered about the halls of his many homes, but his favorite items are secreted away in vaults like the one under the cliff behind his summer house.

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Map of an island in the burial city of Khalan-Rah
Sep 10, 2018

Burial Mound of Khalan-Rah

Anyone can be buried like a king or queen…for a price. The Burial Cult of Khalan-Rah has done their best to corner the market on custom burials in the region, and will tailor their services to whatever the client desires.

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Map of an island in the middle of a subterranean sea, drawn and marked up by dwarves
Aug 27, 2018

Shellcracker Island

Even for dwarves, the Shellcracker clan is eccentric. They make their homes on the shores of a subterranean sea. They make a strong trade harvesting seafood they pull from the black depths. Once every hundred years or so, the gather in a massive convocation on an island in the middle of the ocean to celebrate their harvest and test their mettle.

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Map of a cozy tavern built inside a tree
Aug 20, 2018

Harrigan's Home

When you’re deep in the forest, perhaps when all of your resources have reached their limits and exhaustion threatens to overcome your entire band of explorers, adventurers, or soldiers, Harrigan’s Home may present itself as your unexpected yet welcome sanctuary.

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A giant frozen crab turned into a fortress with a ship stuck in ice.
Apr 24, 2018

Legend of the Crab Wizard

From the Storm Coast to Hookspire to the shining spires of Sahn-Sah-Ree in the south, fishermen deep in their cups spin stories of the the legendary crab wizard. Are they casting fish tales, or is there truth to be found in their ramblings? (Inspired by the new season of Deadliest Catch.)

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An idyllic forest stream with a ruined tower and partially-submerged bridge.
Apr 2, 2018

Tower Ruins by a Stream

Somewhere in the forest, not so deep that it won’t be found nor so close to the edge that it gets a lot of traffic, you may come across this burbling stream. On a small rise to the north lie the ruins of an old tower, its stone walls crumbling under the weight of time.

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Pencil drawing of the Hookspire mountain and surrounding terrain.
Mar 28, 2018

Hookspire: The Birth of a City

All ideas come from somewhere. Like many other story ideas I’ve had, the origins of Hookspire go back to one of my D&D characters and his backstory. Instead of just scribbling down a few details, I invented a city.

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Map of a circular moot hut for tribal council
Mar 15, 2018

Shattergut Fortress Brewery

All dwarven clans make beer. It’s just a fact. But not all clans make good beer. Of those clans that make good beer, even fewer make beer worthy of going to war over its recipe. Even so, the small, insular Shattergut clan thinks they’re one of them.

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Map of a circular moot hut for tribal council
Feb 26, 2018

Meeting House of the Sun Dragon

When the nomadic tribes of the western reach come together at their field moots, they choose to conduct business on neutral ground marked by great meeting-houses. One such site is the House of the Sun Dragon, first established by the wise Halkassan the Peacemaker hundreds of years ago.

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Map of the hidden mountain observatory
Feb 21, 2018

Alstor's Climb

Its means of construction was never revealed, but many years ago the mystic sage and scholar Alstor established the mountain observatory on the remote peak that bears his name. At first he was alone, but over time he assembled a small group of acolytes that shared his thirst for knowledge and quite contemplation.

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Gridded map of a desert redoubt, with an elevation illustration of same
Jan 18, 2018

Desert Redoubt

He didn’t build it, but Old Wyrmsbane himself once found this small fortress ideal for keeping an eye on the empire’s borders with his outriders. Now it appears to be unoccupied, but looks can be deceiving…

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Gridded map of the Temple of the Sky-Dreamers
Jan 8, 2018

Temple of the Sky-Dreamers

Very little is known today of the ancient cult known as the Sky-Dreamers. And most of what is known is based on rumors and bard’s tales passed around over thousands of years. Occasionally, however, explorers come across one of their hidden vaults or temples.

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Gridded map of The Golden Apple Tavern
Jan 1, 2018

The Golden Apple

The Golden Apple is a small public house and inn noted for its in-house cider and the belligerent family that makes it. People keep coming back, but don’t try to steal their apples or you might find yourself cursed.

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