Sir Gavershelm’s descent

They’d all heard the stories before. Longtime adventuring companions, seasoned explorers, torn apart by the lust for fortune and glory. Lifelong friends pushed to attempted murder for their individual shares of the plundered hoard. Lovers twisted and corrupted by hate and malice in service to some larger force that had subsumed their better natures. As the brothers and sisters of Gil-Gahbard’s Shining Spears stood gathered at the lip of Magganathek’s Maw, they shared silent moment of understanding. Regardless of what they faced below, in the face of whatever would assail them, they would persevere. They would prevail where others had succumbed.

Sir Gavershelm was the first to descend the winding stairway, and thus the first to know their unwritten understanding was a lie. Their solidarity was a sham. By the time he’d reached the bottom, he’d already plotted the murder of each of his companions and planned for where to hide the treasure.

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