Temple of the Sky-Dreamers

Gridded map of the Temple of the Sky-Dreamers

An ancient desert tribe built this tomb. What lives here now?

Very little is known today of the ancient cult known as the Sky-Dreamers. And most of what is known is based on rumors and bard’s tales passed around over thousands of years. Occasionally, however, explorers come across one of their hidden vaults or temples.

This one is tucked into the arid cliffs on the western rim of the Cauldron of the Gods. Long ago the entrance was sealed by a tight-fitting stone door, but now it’s been covered by a pile of loose stones. A narrow entrance tunnel leads down three stairways in to the antechamber, with a small dressing room off to the right before the last set of stairs. Pictographic carvings of unknown sky creatures and elemental air themes decorate the walls, accented here and there by paint that must have once been vivid and coloful.

The antechamber contains nothing but dust and an intricately woven embroidered curtain that divides the room and separates it from the main coffin-shaped chamber. What keeps it clean and unfaded? Magic? Regular cleaning by an unknown benefactor?

The main chamber is completely empty save for time and the shattered remains of ancient pottery. Or perhaps something has found its way into this once sacred space and made its nest? The eastern wall is marked by a floor-to-ceiling altar to the patron spirits of the Sky-Dreamers, now defaced and diminished by centuries of squatters and worshippers looking for their own space.

On the back side of the altar, there’s a secret door that can only be opened by speaking an ancient command phrase, or somehow circumventing its magic. It leads to another set of stairs and the hidden chambers where the real power of the temple lies, still undisturbed after all this time. What might be guarding this inner sanctum? Probably nothing nice. And it hasn’t seen the outside world in thousands of years. Perhaps it’s hungry. Perhaps it’s looking for a friend.

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