The Golden Apple

Gridded map of The Golden Apple Tavern

What mysteries lurk beneath The Golden Apple and its famous tree?

The proprietor of this tiny inn, Martina, is known for her hard apple cider. The apples for this cider come from the tree in her front yard, a tree jealously (and somewhat belligerently) guarded by her dullard sons Choke and Chauncey. One of them is present in the yard 24 hours a day, although they’re not much more than brutes and are occasionally outsmarted by neighborhood children or rivals trying to replicate the unique properties of Golden Apple Cider.

Unknown to the populace at large, Martina’s precious apple tree has roots that enter a subterranean chamber connected to the Golden Apple’s basement. They draw water from a dark pool that bubbles up from somewhere deep in the earth. This pool imbues the apples of the tree above with a magical poison which is normally rendered inert by the cooking or brewing process; in fact it adds the flavor for which Golden Apple Cider is known. Raw apples, however, have a 50% chance of causing severe illness or death. In addition to her famous cider, Martina uses these apples in the preparation of tinctures used in sacred rites for the Cult of the Long Night. Martina has been a practicing priestess of the order for years, bringing peaceful rest to those that are suffering.

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