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Thank you for your support.

Concurrent with the launch of Maps & Tales, I launched a page on Patreon to help readers an become partners in my journey. What’s Patreon? In short: Patreon is a site that allows you, as patrons of my art, to contribute as directly as possible to my ability to keep making that art. It’s also a tool for communication and community-building around my creative endeavors in addition to a means of support. I could have just set up a PayPal account or whatever, but I chose Patreon because it seems to be centered on building a connection between artists and their audiences.

Patreon was started by a musician when he noticed that even though he had millions of followers on YouTube, we was only seeing a tiny fraction of the money that his fans were generating by watching his videos. After a lot of thought and research, he realized that although people wanted to support him, there wasn’t an easy way for them to do that. He thought up a solution, and turned it into a tool for artists of all varieties to connect with their audience.

Whether you’ve been following along from the beginning or have just arrived here, I hope the archives are a pretty good sample of what I have to offer. I’m doing my best to be both prolific and worthwhile with my output. I have a lot of stories to tell (so many stories!) and maps to draw, and I want to share as many of them as possible with you, my Dear Readers1. But I can only do so much on my own. Maps & Tales is and always will be a labor of love, but if my labors please you, I humbly ask for your support in keeping it alive.

Besides patron-exclusive content, my Patreon will likely be the go-to place for feedback on my work here. They have messaging tools and the ability to share things like polls that should help me give you more content that interests you. I’ll probably try and keep communication that isn’t expressly content in that Patreon box. I don’t want a lot of noise here on the site itself. In addition, if it’s more your speed, I keep a close eye on Twitter.

Does that mean if you don’t sign up at Patreon you won’t see what I’m doing? Of course not. Does it mean I’ll stop making maps and writing stories? Never. I can’t help it. What it does mean is that you’ll miss out on the extra “perks” I’ll be able to provide as a “thank you” for supporting my efforts. It might also mean that I won’t be able to keep up a regular output, as the vagaries of life and other demands on my time take precedence. Every bit of support I get from you, my Dear Readers, is that much more motivation for me to keep going. To carve out more of that most precious resource of all—time—to devote to this site.

And Patreon is far from the only way to support my efforts here. As much as anything, I want to make a connection with you, Dear Readers. What did you like? What did you dislike (especially that!)? What would you like to see? Is there something you think I should see? By far the most direct way to reach me is on Twitter, but you can also email me or—for patrons—send me a message on Patreon. If you’re not interested in becoming a patron, maybe you know someone who would, so please share my posts freely. That’s a big boost, too. I don’t have an advertising budget or any way to tell people about what I’m doing other than word of mouth.

As always, thank you for reading.

  1. I first recall hearing this term of endearment from Stephen King in his afterwords, so I’m not special for borrowing it, but I can’t think of a more succinct and expressive way to think of you all. 

Thank you for your support.
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