The Family Tomb of Borchoran-Torash

Gridded map of a masoleum and hidden catacombs beneath

Though forgotten in life, the Borchoran-Torash family continues their bickering and in-fighting through undeath.

The Borchoran-Torash family crypt has become, by the standards of Hookspire’s elite circles, positively pedestrian. Once, long ago, it carried the usual gilt and ornamentation, but time and neglect have all served to scrape the exterior clean of anything resembling the ostentatiousness that was customary of the merchant-wizard oligarchs. Today, if it’s regarded at all, the tomb is mostly dismissed as an unfortunate waste of space in the graveyard. The family itself is forgotten nearly everywhere save for mentions in dusty histories at the library.

Within the catacombs, however, down the secret stairs under the statue of its matriarch, the Borchoran-Torash family’s drama continues. Whether through artifice or some accidental circumstance, Jarbannon Borchoran-Torash has been doomed to preside over the family’s business for eternity, now in the form of a wight bound to the confines of his family mausoleum. Equally doomed are his ancestors, ghosts cursed to haunt Jarbannon with the same bickering and in-fighting that plagued their house in life. An enterprising explorer may find it possible to release the beleaguered undead patriarch in exchange for whatever treasure lies behind the secret door.

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