Clicker’s Canyon

Map of a bandit hideout hidden in a box canyon

You should na’ be in th’ Badlands t’ begin wit’, me boy. But if’n ye find y’self there an’ needin’ some shelter—an’ yer real, reall des’prit—the Clicker’s Canyon may be yer only port in th’ storm.

The badlands in the eastern desert are plagued by storms, bandits, monsters, and all manner of hazards best left untested. One of the only safe places, and it only qualifies as “safe” by the most basic criteria, is known as Clicker’s Canyon. Its eponymous occupant is a thri-kreen self-described criminal mastermind that runs a brisk trade in banditry and extortion of anyone that comes to him looking for safe haven.

It has all the comforts of home, as long as you don’t mind rough-hewn sandstone and alkaline-tasting water from a natural spring that bubbles up from below. There’s a remnant of an old mine, but who would have tried to make a living with such hard work out there in the middle of nowhere isn’t known. No one has documented another route out of this dead-end hideaway, but that doesn’t mean it’s not there. What self-respecting bandit lord would only leave one way out?

Clicker can drive a hard bargain for providing refuge. What would your characters be willing to do to avoid the perils of the badlands? Drop me a line or hit me up on Twitter to give me your thoughts. Follow me on Instagram for more like this, and occasional previews of upcoming work. A high-res (3600px x 2700px) version of this map is available to my patrons.

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