Elhizar’s Crypt

Map of a bandit hideout hidden in a box canyon

In the grand tradition of mad wizards across the multiverse, the inscrutable mage known as Elhizar constructed a maze of a tomb in which to inter his remains (maybe) and filled it with wonders (possibly), riches (at least a few coins), tricks (yeah), and deadly traps (mos def). The entrance is realitvely easy to find, but a foul odor from within has encouraged most to stay out. Those that have ventured inside…may or may not have returned to tell their tales of adventure.

This was originally drawn as part of Inktober 2016, for the prompt “lost”. Drop me a line or hit me up on Twitter to give me your thoughts. Follow me on Instagram for more like this, and occasional previews of upcoming work. A high-res (3600px x 2700px) version of this map is available to my patrons.

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